AMM Industrial Floor Carts

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Location: NC

AMM's industrial floor carts are designed of hardwood construction, fitted with space-age phenolic, roller-bearing wheels, and ball bearing swivel casters for strength and durability. AMM's phenolic wheels resist shock without chipping. They are non-sparking, non-marking, and can be operated continuously between -50℉ and 260℉. They are unaffected by grease, oil or debris on your shop floor.

Series "B" AMM Industrial Floor Truck

Our swivel casters are precision built with perfectly aligned raceways. All cold-form parts are made to exacting tolerances from heavy-gauge steel, and are hardened for severe service and long wear. Series B-4 carts include four casters, one at each corner, to prevent "tri-cycling" of long lumber loads.

Standard Models Available                                                          Max Load Weight (lbs.)

2748 27" x 48" Series "B" & "C" 2500
3248 32" x 48" Series "B" & "C" 2500
3260 32" x 60" Series "B" & "C" 2800
3660 36" x 60" Series "B" & "C" 2800
3672 36" x 72"  Series "B" 4000
 4072 40" x 72"  Series "B" 4000 
 3696 36" x 96"   Series "B"  4000
 4896  48" x 96" Series "B"   4000

*Other models and sizes are available on request.


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