New Monet FWA500-AC Floor Web Saw

Price: $141,900 Base

Condition: New

Location: MO

Monet DeSauw FWA 500-AC (AUTOMATED CONTROLS) floor web saw with automated control power blade angulation.  Stand-alone console for HMI with 17 in monitor, Windows 10 o/s, ethernet comm & e-stop.  Backup mechanical indicators, magazine lumber feed for rapid reload (6x2 max, 4x2 board orientation only), 5 blades: (4) internal blades and (1)  external cut-off blade, 14 in. min. cut cap, 8 in. min. square edge blocks, standard 4 ft. max length.  Belt under-saw waste conveyor. 480 volt, 3 phase, 60 Amp electrical required.  40 PSI air required.

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New Monet FWA500