New Panels Plus Wall Panel Sheathing Station

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Condition: New

Location: MN

Panels Plus single-tool sheathing station features servo-controlled bridge travel, edge stitcher tool mounts (single beam model), a single-tool, high-speed center tool mount, laser pointer, pre-programmed nailing patterns and joy-stick controls, foot pedal control at squaring end of table for squaring panels, pop-up skatewheel and roller conveyors for transport of panels. 

The sheathing bridge can accommodate wall panels ranging from 2" x 4" to 2" x 10", up to the industry standard 16' panel length.  Available with single beam or dual beam design to allow for two different tool mounts on one traveling  bridge.   Bridge function includes auto-return feature with tilting tool mount for better seam embedment.

Conveyors and panel lifts are also available to complete the configuration of the wall panel assembly line. Price includes factory installation and training.  120 PSI at 60 CFM air.  120 volt, 1 phase electrical.

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