New Panels Plus Wall Panel Support Equipment

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Condition: New

Location: MN

Panels Plus peripheral equipment includes stand-along conveyors, panel lifts, hand-held router frames and material carts.

Conveyors are stand alone with adjustable legs.  Heavy-duty skatewheels are used to manually transport lumber from station to station.  Lengths of 10', 15' and 20' are available.  Can be placed end-to-end to create longer staging areas between stations.

Panel lifts are used to lift completed panels off of the production line and place onto a stack for transport.  The lift is adjustable and designed to fit panels from 7' to 12'-4" tall. Used in conjunction with a hoist (provided by others).

Panels Plus material carts come in two configurations;  flat and tree cart styles.  Flat carts are 56" wide x 84" long x 22" high nominal.  Material tree carts are 48" wide x 72" long x 78" nominal and feature (3) raised shelves and a base shelf.  Four wheels per cart.

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