2016 Stealth Trackless Side Eject Roof Truss Gantry System

Price: $204,980

Condition: Good

Location: MI

2016 Integrated Stealth Technologies, side-eject, trackless roof truss gantry, 76 foot working length x 14 foot working height, 87 feet overall length.  Includes (1) 24" diameter roller gantry head, (1) Stealth finish roller press, 14 foot wide throat x 24 inch diameter rolls, (2) parking stations, (12) slotted steel top tables, slots @ 20" O.C. spacing with interim plastic building surface, and one ejector per table with individual air-controls, (11) receivers, (17) interior powered roller conveyors, (3) interior power/idle conveyors and all available jigging hardware.  240/460 volt, 3 phase electrical required.  120 PSI air required.  Can be paired with the 2016 Stealth vertical stacker  listing, at an additional cost.

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