2017 Spida Wall Extruder

Price: $136,990

Condition: Good+

Location: OH

2017 Spida wall extruder wall framing station builds walls from 6' to 12' heights.  Features large-coil,  pneumatically indexing nail-guns (not included), with one second cycle time. Includes pop-up pins to hold "L" studs and staggered studs in place for nailing, optional center block clamps to hold blocks in place for hand nailing. Includes dual automated 20' in-feed conveyor pushers on UHMW plastic top in-feed table with aluminum guide extrusion side rails, with optional curved stud delivery conveyor that delivers studs to the extruder operator through a 90 degree arc directly over the wall opening for easy handling and improved material flow.  System complete with 20' out-feed idler conveyor for finished wall frames.  Windows 10 industrial PC with touch screen automation and OEM enclosure.  Single phase 110v power, 120 psi air required.

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