Circa 2009 Koskovich Omni Miser II Bevel RTWF Linear Saw

Price: $84,990 $44,990

Condition: Good

Location: BC

Servo controlled angulation axis of movement for roof truss (BEVEL, square & angle cut) components. Ink jet printer prints on face and edge of board. Live feed 20' auto deck handles lumber 2x3 through 2x12 to 20’ long.  Includes pneumatically actuated, auto exit roller, out-feed table, vibrating trash pan, 5 HP, 3450 RPM arbor motor, and computer console.Spare parts include 3 blades, bevel motor, 4 power cables, 2 encoders,14 complete computer cards, 2 elevation brake assemblies, gripper motor, power supply, 2 amplifiers, spare rebuilt inkjet printer head, and all other available spare parts. 480v 3 phase power and 18 CFM at 125 PSI air required. Saw is currently under power and operational.

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