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WTS is pleased, as broker, to offer the following items of used equipment. Although we assume that the information provided to us is truthful and accurate, we need to nonetheless caution you that all statements, information, descriptions, pictures, etc., relating to these listings, are provided by the Sellers of the respective items, and we don't have the time or ability to independently verify all that stuff! So, that's why we always encourage prospective buyers to go and inspect the equipment before purchasing, and to talk directly to the Seller about any questions or concerns.

All used equipment is sold AS IS, WHERE IS, and WITH ALL FAULTS.

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2007 Univeyor Automated Linear Conveyor System

Price: $88,990 $79,990 :: FOB BC
Condition: Good

Just-in-time delivery of cut material packages via automated linear conveyor, delivering banded packages to four-stations over a 103' production area.  Features a Signode HB 4300, semi-automatic plastic strapping station with foot control to strap truss packages which are delivered to an operator selected station via Univeyor conveyor system consisting of medium duty chain driven live rollers at a rate of 40' per minute. Weight of cut material package can be up to 800# and up to 20' long. Includes (1) 40' continuous strand chain driven conveyor, (1) 18' continuous strand chain driven conveyor, (1) 22' continuous strand chain driven conveyor, (1) 19' continuous strand chain driven conveyor, (4) right angle transfers, (4) skate wheel tracks, (2) 48" non-powered gates, and all available safety equipment, light towers, controls, e-stops, and motors. System includes top-loading, gravity-fed trays for pre-picked connector plate delivery to lumber package stations . Allen-Bradley controls, 575v, 3 phase power. Includes all shop drawings and layouts, system is installed and under power for inspection by prospective buyer.  (System was over $140,000 new in '07).

MiTek/Tee-Lok Gantry System

Price: $48,990 :: FOB FL
Condition: Good

MiTek/Tee-Lok 102' working length, side-eject, gantry system includes (1) 2006 MiTek 24" diameter gantry head, (1) 1996 Tee-Lok 20" diameter gantry head, (1) Tee-Lok 20" diameter finish roller press, (13) wood-top Tee-Lok tables with skate-wheel ejectors, (11) idle rollers, (10) stand-alone receivers and rail.  Includes all available hardware.  220 volt, 3 phase electrical.

1997 CMF Tracked Gantry System

Price: $43,890 :: FOB WA
Condition: Fair+

Refurbished, side eject CMF tracked gantry system with 14’ by 93 ft. working length. Tables and finish roller press were refurbished in 2007. System features (13) plastic topped tables with slotted-steel bottom chords, (1) 24” CMF diameter gantry head, (1) CMF 24" finish roller press, (4) idler rollers, and all available receivers.  440 volt, 3 phase electrical.

CMF Gantry Roller with Tables

Price: $38,990 :: FOB PA
Condition: Good

54' CMF gantry system consisting of (1) 24” CMF tracked gantry, (9) 5' 11" wood tables with plastic tops and ejectors, (1) 5' 11" wood tables with plastic tops and no ejectors,   (23) 14' conveyor rollers, (3) 12' conveyor rollers, approx. 80 feet of rail and (15) truss receivers.  Includes any available system jigging hardware, and all available spare parts if any.    

Alpine RAM Tracked Gantry Equipment

Price: $61,990 $39,990 :: FOB PA
Condition: Good

Alpine RAM gantry, 140’ working length consisting of (22) soft-top (3/4” T&G plastic) tables. Includes (1) 1999 24” diameter Alpine gantry roller and (1) 1985 18" diameter Alpine gantry roller. Complete with rail/base-plate, end stops and any available jigging hardware. This equipment can be split into lesser quantities,  two missing lift-outs, currently operational.  220 volt, 3 phase electrical.

1986 Mid-Atlantic (Tee-Lok) Tracked Gantry

Price: $17,990 :: FOB NY
Condition: Fair+

Mid-Atlantic 75 foot working length roof gantry featuring one (1) 18” diameter roller gantry (needs new pendant controls), twelve (12) 4’-8” x 13’-6”  tables configured for soft top (plastic) with imbedded uni-strut jig rails. (plastic and underlayment removed). Eight table ejectors need repairs. Includes rail, power masts, all available aisle plates and jigging. 480 volt, 3 phase electrical.

2007 Klaisler (Alpine) Tracked Gantry Head

Price: $18,990 $12.890 :: FOB SC
Condition: Good+

Klaisler Gantry with riding platform, designed to fit Alpine rail centers:  15'-0 3/8", 24" diameter roll, variable frequency drive and Sumitomo twin drives, Very low hours.  230/460v, 3 Ph.

1983 Jager Travelmatic Mini III Hydraulic Bridge Press

Price: $13,890 :: FOB ON  NEW ITEM!
Condition: Good

Designed for smaller trusses the system is capable of handling 2”x4” and 4”x2” trusses with no adjustment, ideal for hips, jacks, and valley-sets. No finish press required, system consists of a 6’ x 40’ drilled & tapped steel table, table guided press head (trackless), with a 6’x12” press platten, riding operator platform and all available jig hardware. 575 volt, 3 phase electrical.

Table Guided Gantry System by Square 1 Manufacturing

Price: $(Based on required configuration) :: FOB IN  NEW ITEM!
Condition: NEW

New, table-guided (NO rail) gantry system by Square 1 Manufacturing, side-eject or end-eject options, with continuous production tables built to length.  Available in steel, plastic or combination table top options.  Can be fabricated to received automated jigging.  New 24" diameter gantry heads feature raised operator platform, heavy-duty steel roll with 4" shaft, baffles and heavy-duty spherical bearings, dual 7.5 HP braking gear motors for a total of 15 HP, easy adjusting bogie wheel assemblies, safety bars, Wampfler "finger safe", under-table-mounted electrical supply and optional soft start drive.  Square 1 Manufacturing can provide the combination of powered transfer rolls, sloping ejectors, receivers, idler conveyors and powered conveyors required to meet your configuration needs.  440 volt, 3 phase.

New Square 1 "Short" Roof Truss Finish Press

Price: $15,750 :: FOB IN  NEW ITEM!
Condition: New

New 2015 Square 1 “short” finish roller press (FRP), Four-foot* wide x 3 1/2” tall throat. The unique “uni-body” construction creates a ridged machine that houses 12” diameter rolls, 7 1/2 HP motor with integrated brake, and 80# chain drive. This FRP features 114 FPM speed, emergency shut-off bars, and full chain and sprocket guards. Available options include: Other roller widths, Heavy-Duty upgrade, gear motor drive, and soft start controls available at an additional charge. 208, 240, 480 volt electrical.

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