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WTS is pleased, as broker, to offer the following items of used equipment. Although we assume that the information provided to us is truthful and accurate, we need to nonetheless caution you that all statements, information, descriptions, pictures, etc., relating to these listings, are provided by the Sellers of the respective items, and we don't have the time or ability to independently verify all that stuff! So, that's why we always encourage prospective buyers to go and inspect the equipment before purchasing, and to talk directly to the Seller about any questions or concerns.

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Wall Panel

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2008/09 IBS Wall Panel System

Price: $249,600 $120,890 :: FOB BC
Condition: Good

Interior or exterior wall panel production tables 6’-4” through 12’-3” wall height capacity to 20’ maximum panel length.  Includes 20’ Sub-Component lay-out tables with optional Auto Stops, and skate-wheel lift-outs, and short conveyor to (1) 20’ long IBS framing table with tool dollies, and dual 20’ Light Bars, (1) 20’ long squaring/sheathing table with Auto Router bridge and rough-opening stitcher tool, (1) 20’ long squaring/sheathing station with single-tool Auto-Bridge featuring beam tilt, joy-stick control, and optional dual stitcher tools. (4) four sets of powered IBS chain-drag conveyors, (1) IBS four-tool sub-component nailer with conveyor, (1) 24” diameter Lauderdale Super Chop, 10 HP, up-cut saw with 20’ Tiger-Stop and roller conveyor, miter saw, Plant Net (without fiber optic cable & card), (6) IBS Plant Net terminal enclosures with stands, Saw Trax Panel Saw Model 2064, Safety Speed Cut with stand and wheels.  Includes one, 1.5 ton panel lift, support frame, and hoist assembly. Included is a second IBS framing table that can be used for spare parts.  230/460 volt, 3 phase and 120VAC electrical.  120 PSI air.

2003 IBS Wall Panel Line

Price: $42,890 $37,750 :: FOB IL
Condition: Good

Features IBS 12' x 16' framing table with tool-dollies, stud-locaters, IBS light bar and auto-stops.  Price includes a 12' x 16' squaring/sheathing table. Combined an IBS Plant Net system with one (1) terminal and stand, accumulation roller conveyors, and all available hardware. 

Viking Framing Station

Price: $43,990 :: FOB OH
Condition: Good

Viking 38’ framing station with walk through design includes H.D. stud locators (16” & 24” centers), skate wheel ejectors, Powered tool carriages  with three (3) tools per side, Auto-Plate Stops, and dual operator controls.  Once staged the framing sequence is event driven, including 2x4 or 2x6 material size  System allows assemblers to work from both the top and bottom chord for increased productivity. Builds walls from 4' to 12’-0” high. System support, and installation available from the OEM.  480 volt, 20 Amp, 3 phase electrical. 15 CFM air at 100 PSI. 

2007 Viking Fastrac

Price: $3,990 :: FOB NE  NEW ITEM!
Condition: Good

Model FX-1000 Portable sheathing bridge utilizes a single fastening tool (nail or staple) and simple touch commands to program fastening patterns in 1/10” increments. Laser sighting, verifys stud centers while sensors detect the presence of sheathing.  According to OEM an 8’ wall can be fastened @ 6” OC in <6 seconds.  10’ wall height capacity, 16’ OAL, two man operation, 120Vac drive motor, 10 CFM @ 100 PSI air required for tool. Includes mounts for Bostich coil nailer.

Alpine PF-90 Automark Plate Cutting/Marking System

Price: $18,890 $16,389 :: FOB IN
Condition: Good -

Alpine's, automated wall-panel cutting and marking, 90 degree under-table saw, with 20" blade, length stop and marking (non-functioning Matthews Ink-Jet marking system) directed by wall panel software, cuts two pieces at once (top and bottom plate), all system OEM conveyor, and PC with environmental enclosure. 120VAC/3 Phase power required.

2007 Triad Plate Marking Saw

Price: $42,500 $13,890 :: FOB UT
Condition: Good

Model PL Saw, high-speed percussion marking and cutting system.  Includes two case-hardened marking emblems, touch screen, programmable controller, Servo motor controls with speeds up to 290 fpm feed rate.  10 HP saw motor, 18”, 60-tooth carbide saw blade, dual V-belt, feed pusher, pneumatic material clamps and hold downs.  Steel construction with leveling feet.  Cuts 2x4 to 2x8 inch plates at 90 degrees or miter cuts up to 45 degrees.  220 volt, 3 phase electrical. (Open listing to see OEM video)

New Panels Plus Wall Panel Framing Equipment

Price: $From $40,200 base price. :: FOB MN  NEW ITEM!
Condition: NEW

Consider Panels Plus wall panel assembly equipment for manufacturers of wood or steel wall panels, floor-panels, and related framing components.  Panels Plus is an employee owned, ISO certified, manufacturing company that builds state-of-the-art equipment featuring durable construction, with fit and finish second to none in the structural building component industry.  The referenced base framing table allows you to assemble from 7-12 foot wall heights, at industry standard 16 foot lengths, at a working height of 29 to 32 inches.  This framer design includes controls at each end of table, squaring stops and pneumatic clamping for consistent wall panel quality.  Frames 2x4 or 2 x 6 walls, with color-coded, steel stud locators at 16 and 24 inches O.C. spacing.  Includes pop-up skate wheels for easy transfer of completed wall frame.  Framing table can be configured to receive wall framing light bars, other options include custom buildable wall heights, lengths and auto-indexing of optional 2 or 3 tool carriages.

Additionally from Panels Plus are sheathing tables with features that include foot pedal control at squaring end of table, with squaring stops, roller conveyors at both sides, single pendant controls for bridge, tool spacing at 6 inch centers with 3 inch bridge shift for offset nailing.  Tool bridges can accommodate from 2 x 4 to 2 x 8 walls, with seam tilt being standard equipment  Panels Plus Tool Bridges are available with single beam or dual beam design for two different tool mounts on one bridge.

Squaring stations, sub-component tables, conveyors and panel lifts are also available to complete the configuration of the wall panel assembly line. Price includes factory installation and training.  50 CFM at 120 psi air.  120 or 230 volt, 1 phase electrical.

Wright Panel Lift and Hoist Assembly

Price: $9,990 :: FOB WA
Condition: Good

Wright lift and hoist assembly . Includes (2) 1.5 HP trolley motors, (4) 500 lb. capacity hoists, capacity (1) ton. Was used for transferring wall panels to 12 feet in height. Distance between the hoists is 13'-6" x 8'-0", the travel distance is 50 feet and the vertical travel distance is 15 feet. See video for demonstration. 220 volt, 3 phase electrical.

Striebig Panel Saw

Price: $1,200 :: FOB PA  NEW ITEM!
Condition: Fair+

Striebig wall panel sheathing saw with vacuum attachment.

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