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As a fully independent partner, we can connect you with a wide variety of suppliers and a wider variety of solutions to most creatively and efficiently achieve your particular goals.

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Peter Ward

Meet Peter Ward

It is safe to say that Peter Ward is a true visionary. It is this very quality that propelled him toward an innovative solution when he needed to grow the truss end of his business, Drouin West Timber and Truss in Australia. His international search for truss equipment lead him to more than just answers. A true partnership, born from innovation, Wood Truss Systems was with Peter through every step of the journey. The year was 2007; Peter sold his sawmilling business in order to focus on building trusses. He realized that in order to achieve this growth, he would need to invest in some good equipment, which led him to Wood Truss Systems’ (WTS) web site. “I found Jay to be very helpful and provided me a contact point in America to find the equipment I was looking for and also introductions to other people.”

Peter wanted to retrofit a table with an Alpine auto-jigging system.  “I thought I was nuked,” Peter recalls from his realization that the table that was listed for sale on the WTS website was not suitable. After some correspondence with Peter, Jay began to look around for other compatible tables. “The line that WTS sold us actually enabled us to grow substantially. That ignited my passion to expand the truss and frame business. That was our first scenario: We had to quickly grow to cover the costs of extracting the business.”

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Nick Linsmayer

Meet Nick Linsmayer

A family-owned company known for innovation spanning 125 years and four generations, Villaume is proof that innovation is born from an essential combination of leading edge tools and the people behind them. Both are qualities President Nick Linsmayer values in Wood Truss Systems.

Casey Collum

Meet Casey Collum

Casey Collum knows a vendor relationship going on 20 years is rare. It started in 1999 when he and his father opened Empire Truss. “I started working with Wood Truss Systems because of Jim [Mavrakes]. He was one of the first people who stopped by. So I like to say wherever he goes is where I go,” he laughs.

List your Equipment

List your Equipment

Thanks for your interest in listing your component equipment for sale with Wood Truss Systems, Inc. as an independent sales broker. Our best effort to sell your equipment includes periodic first class mailings, classified advertising, contacting select industry prospects, and an individual listing with photos on our website, www.WoodTrussSystems.com.