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Terminailer®, a revolutionary, event-driven, nailing machine that completely defies any preconceived notions about sub-component assembly....

Price: $174,990

Condition: New

Location: MN

New Hundegger Turbo Drive II Saw

The Hundegger Turbo Drive II saw is a fast, accurate and versatile, fully automated linear saw specifically designed to cut structural component parts. Hundegger continues to stretch the cutting capabilities of our industry......

Price: $235,963 Nicely Equipped

Condition: New

Location: Germany/UT

New SL-Laser Projection System

New, laser projection system from SL Laser. Projects roof truss, floor truss and wall panel design images accurately onto building surface, for faster setup and...

Price: $Based on config.

Condition: New

Location: NC

Precision Stretch Roll-Off Trailers

Precision ​Equipment ​Manufacturing​ has evolved with the wood component industry over the past 15 years and is emerging as the premier trailer and​ roll-off trailer suppliers in the industry. From vastly improved manufacturing standards including establishing in-house finishing (sandblasting and ...

Price: $Based on Configuration

Condition: New

Location: ND

Precision Gooseneck Trailer

Precision 36 foot gooseneck trailer​s​ are designed to ​deliver ​smaller truss loads or ​trusses into ​locations that are not typically accessible with longer truss trailers. Standard features include​...

Price: $29,500 Nicely Equipped

Condition: New

Location: ND

Monet DeWall Saw

Monet DeWall 90/90 wall panel marking saw is a computer numeric controlled wall panel saw with touch screen user interface. Cuts and marks up to 2 boards at a time using 2x4 through 2x8 or cuts and marks one board at a time... ...

Price: $89,000 Base

Condition: New

Location: MO

New Monet DeRobo Linear Saw

Now with ten years of development, the proven next generation DeRobo linear saw by Monet organizes "fill" boards to increase optimization of each board, can produce unlimited scarf cuts, cuts 1 or 2 boards at a time and cuts webs, chords, wedges, rafters and...

Price: $170,000 Base

Condition: New

Location: MO

New Monet FWA 500 Floor Web Saw

New, Monet five-head, floor truss web saw, cuts 4-angle, 4x2 floor truss webs from 16 inches and 90-90 blocks from 12 inches to four foot long maximum length...

Price: $52,500 Base

Condition: New

Location: MO

New Monet DeSawyer 2000 Component Saw

New, Monet DeSawyer 2000, computerized, five-bladed component saw, sets up in 15 to 17 seconds, can run in manual mode, downloads projects from a network or...

Price: $262,000 Base

Condition: New

Location: MO

New Spida Automated Apollo Saw

The Spida Apollo saw with Automation is a computerized, pull-arm type saw used for cutting either wood truss components or wall panel cutting and represents the lowest-cost way to add a computerized saw to your operation....

Price: $48,680 Base

Condition: New

Location: NZE/IN