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2010 Gorbel Crane System -TX

Gorbel freestanding crane system, 2,000 lb weight limit, 14 foot x 28 foot working footprint, 16'-3" hoist hook height......

Price: $12,490

Condition: Good

Location: TX

2007 Viking Wall Panel Assembly System

2007 Viking wall panel assembly system, builds 2 x 4", 2 x 6" walls from 5 foot to 12 foot height to 16 feet maximum length......

Price: $134,990

Condition: Good+

Location: IA

2010 Gorbel Freestanding Crane CA

Gorbel crane system includes 480V, 3Ph, RM Chain Hoist and Panels Plus panel lift. Crane system and hoist rated for 2000 lb lift capacity. S/N: 301288....

Price: $12,490

Condition: Good

Location: CA

2001 Sterling L9500 with Rand Rolloff Bed

2001 Sterling model L9500 straight body truck with Rand 26 foot long, 96 inch wide roller bed, 310 HP Cummings engine......

Price: $38,990 $33,990

Condition: Good

Location: CT

Klaisler 40'+ Side-Eject Gantry System

40' working length Klaisler Side-Eject roof truss gantry system...

Price: $37,400

Condition: Good-Fair

Location: OH

Alup 80 HP Compressor

80 HP Alup ​(​Allegro​ series)​, model SCD80, rotary screw compressor with 11,418 hours. From the manufacturer's website, "Produces a minimum of 60.4 CFM, up to 303 CFM, at 75-190 PSI. Features a high efficiency drive motor with...

Price: $22,990 $14,990

Condition: Good

Location: PA

2014 Clark HVS-14 Stacking System

Four unit horizontal stacking system consisting of four lifting units (2 master, 2 slave) with integral electronics. Features adjustable, truss-sensing lasers on slide rails for easy adjustment to stack any truss configuration. OEM control panel with PLC ...

Price: $124,990

Condition: Good

Location: OH

2010 USIFAB Roof Truss Vertical/Flat Stacker

75 foot long roof truss stacking station with 3-station PLC controls: single (zone 1 & 2 ) / dual (zone 2 & 3) / tandem (all zones), peak-up, 15 HP hydraulic powered roof truss stacker with electrical control panel and hand-held remote control for operator use. ...

Price: $63,980

Condition: Good

Location: QC

2004 Hundegger SC-1 Linear Saw

2004 Hundegger model SC-1 linear saw, in operation, includes 90 degree vertical stroke action, stacks boards to four-high, horizontal positioning, 24-foot infeed and out-feed......

Price: $119,990 $89,990

Condition: Good

Location: NV

2014 CMF Peak-Up Roof Truss Stacker

2014 CMF peak-up, vertical, roof truss stacking system with 3 HP drive system with new motor and gear reducer, auto-indexing, receiver arms, holds up to (30) trusses......

Price: $18,990

Condition: Good

Location: MI