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1999 MiTek Tracked Gantry

14' x 70' working length side-eject gantry with floor mounted rail. Includes (9) 6'-4" x 14' slotted, 3/4" steel-top tables with ejectors. Includes two (2) gantry heads with a 24" dia. roll and MiTek finish roller press. System includes (8) powered...

Price: $83,990

Condition: Good

Location: MT

2003 Hundegger SC-1 Linear Saw

Complete roof truss cutting functions. Includes 20' in-feed, cut material exits to adjustable 16' to 20' out-feed which is delivered to extended OEM Skate-wheel accumulation conveyor. Saw features an angle and bevel drive unit, with auto-loading conveyor system...

Price: $77,990 $69,990

Condition: Good

Location: MD

2008 Alpine ALS 286A Linear Saw

Linear feed saw model 286A cuts truss parts from lumber up to 12" nominal depths. Cuts bevels, scarf cuts, and optimizes material. Servo controlled functions, 7.5 HP motor with 20 inch carbide tipped blade. Includes 15 ft. infeed ...

Price: $118,990 $79,650

Condition: Good

Location: IN

2006 Alpine ALS 276K Linear Saw

2006 Alpine ALS linear-feed saw, model number 276K. Cuts wall and truss parts from lumber depths 2x4 through 2x12......

Price: $59,490

Condition: Good

Location: AZ

2005 Alpine ALS 276C Linear Saw

Alpine ALS linear-feed saw, model 276C. Includes 24 foot OEM infeed conveyor and 20 foot OEM outfeed conveyor, Matthews 28 mm Inkjet printer......

Price: $78,890 $74,790

Condition: Good

Location: FL

1996 Robbins Fat Man Floor Gantry

Robbins Fat Man floor truss system builds floor trusses to 40’ in length, maximum 24” depth, and minimum 12" depth. Includes optional pop-up ejection, soft start, and dual park stations. Wired for 230 volt, 3 Ph electrical....

Price: $49,890

Condition: Good

Location: MT

2006 Koskovich Omni Miser Linear Saw

2006 Koskovich Omni Miser linear saw, roof truss AND wall frame square and angle cuts with print system B (both faces)......

Price: $89,990 $69,890

Condition: Good

Location: KS

2005 TCT 1150 Linear Saw

2005 TCT Series 1150 linear saw features 5 HP, 3 phase saw motor with 24" carbide tip blade, 3-axis motion control system utilizing magnet servo motors. Includes upgraded PLCs and guide rails. Cuts webs from 2x4 or 2x6 material from ...

Price: $39,500

Condition: Good

Location: NE

1995 Alpine Speed Roll Single-Bay Floor Machine

1995 Alpine, single-bay floor truss machine with overhead plate rack. Model 47TW with 18 inch diameter gantry roll, kick leg table 50 foot overall length, 38 foot maximum truss......

Price: $27,490

Condition: Good

Location: GA

2003 TCT 1050 Linear Web Saw

2003 TCT model 1050 linear web saw, cuts 2x4 lumber to 20 foot long, 20 inch diameter blade, outfeed scrap conveyor 24 inches wide by width of saw......

Price: $23,990

Condition: Good

Location: PA