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2008 Alpine AutoMill SC

2008 Alpine AutoMill SC (servo-controlled), 5-blade component saw, model 348 B. The SC is a fully computer controlled component saw that can download......

Price: $69,990 $48,950

Condition: Good

Location: OH

2005 Hundegger SC-1 Linear Saw

2005 Hundegger SC-1 Linear Saw - Complete Roof Truss cutting functions including angle drive unit, bevel drive unit with auto-loading conveyor system, auto-discharge. 20' timber capable in-feed and out-feed, electronic controls and...

Price: $79,600 $76,990

Condition: Good

Location: NY

2016 Stealth Peak-Up Roof Truss Stacker

2016 Integrated Stealth Technologies Peak-Up roof truss stacker with 120' of out-feed roller conveyors. ...

Price: $38,990 $32,900

Condition: Good

Location: MI

2016 Stealth Vertical Roof Truss Stacker

2016 Integrated Stealth Technologies vertical roof truss stacker with (19) associated roller conveyors. Stacks roof trusses from 16 feet to 76 feet span x 14 foot heights. Includes (5) arms......

Price: $38,990 $32,900

Condition: Good

Location: MI

2005 Koskovich Auto Omni Component Saw

5-blade automated that was fully reconditioned in 2018. Mechanically this saw includes shaker-pan waste conveyor with factory side pans - Full software upgrade to Windows 10 operating system and latest MiTek/Koskovich operating software,...

Price: $72,490 $58,000

Condition: Good

Location: IN

IBS/Comsoft Wall Panel Light Bars

Reconditioned dual 16’ foot long light bars, includes spare light board. Light bars are compatible with all light-bar equipped or ready IBS/Comsoft, Panels Plus, etc. wall panel equipment driven by ITW (IBS) or other compatible design...

Price: $18,890 $16,550

Condition: Good

Location: MN

2007 Koskovich Omni Miser II Linear Saw RT

2007 Koskovich Omni Miser linear saw, roof truss saw with printing option for 3 1/2" face printing, servo-controlled angulation axis of movement, and live deck. Cuts Cuts 2x4 through 2x12 lumber up to 16'. Includes crooked lumber sensor (CLS), vibrating trash pan, 5 HP, ...

Price: $79,990 $59,990

Condition: Good+

Location: MT

2007 Koskovich Omni Miser II Linear Saw

2007 Koskovich model Omni Miser II, servo-controlled angulation axis of movement (BEVEL, square & angle cut) for roof truss components (RTB). OEM performed maintenance in both 2014 and 2017......

Price: $88,980

Condition: Good

Location: PA

2006 Koskovich Omni Miser RT

2006 Koskovich Omni Miser RT linear saw. Servo controlled angulation axis of movement for roof truss (square & angle cut) components. With optional extended incline deck, 5 lumber magazines (4-2x4 & 1-2x6), bulk feeder......

Price: $53,980

Condition: Good

Location: MS

2004 Hundegger SC-1 Linear Saw

2004 Hundegger Speed-Cut SC-1 linear saw, roof truss and wall panel cutting, with 15 foot-wide auto-loading infeed conveyor system, auto-discharge and features a 16-nozzle, Ink-Jet marker, printing on the 1 1/2" edge, one or two boards......

Price: $45,990 $38,970

Condition: Fair

Location: NM