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70' Side Eject Klaisler Gantry System

65' x 14' working length side-eject Klaisler gantry system with (10) 5' 3" plastic and steel top tables, complete with Klaisler gantry head with riding platform, (2) park stations, (10) powered conveyors, (10) idler conveyors, and (3) 20' sections of exterior idle conveyor...

Price: $98,990

Condition: Good

Location: IN

2014 Ingersoll-Rand 15 HP Rotary Screw Compressor with Tank & Dryer (FW)

2014 Ingersoll-Rand 15 HP Rotary Screw Compressor includes 120 gallon tank and Ingersoll-Rand dryer. Operating pressure of 125 PSI, and a flow rate of 55 CFM. Includes substantial black-pipe for in-plant air distribution. 230/460V 3 ph power....

Price: $7,990

Condition: Good

Location: MT

Klaisler End-Eject Gantry Equipment

Klaisler end-eject gantry equipment includes (5) 6' x 14' slotted steel top tables, (3) 6' x 14' plastic top tables, and (1) 6' x 14' plywood top table. All tables feature recessed rail design. Also includes (1) finish roller press...

Price: $39,890 $15,970

Condition: Fair

Location: OH

2007 IBS Int/Ext Wall Panel Equipment

Features a 2001 12' x 16' framing table with auto-stops and tool-dollies [s/n 1586] , 2005 (est) 12' x 16' squaring table [s/n 1903], 2003 multi-tool panel bridge at 8" o.c. spacing, 2" and 4" shift, plate stitchers, auto-return, laser positioning guide, and bridge tilt [s/n 1780], Includes 17 ...

Price: $35,900

Condition: Good

Location: MI

MiTek Tracked Floor Truss Machine

MiTek tracked floor truss machine, builds floor trusses from 10" to 24" depths, to 30' lengths. Table is 7' wide x 42' overall length. Includes gantry with 24" diameter roll......

Price: $36,980 $32,890

Condition: Good

Location: TX

SSC 25 HP Rotary Screw Compressor w/ Dryer & Tank

SSC brand compressor, model MAM-200, 25 HP rotary screw type, 103 CFM at 125 PSI, with Deltechrefrigerated dryer capacity 125 PSI and 200 gallon storage tank....

Price: $16,980 $13,890

Condition: Good

Location: WA

IBS/Comsoft Wall Panel Light Bars

Reconditioned dual 16’ foot long light bars, includes spare light board. Light bars are compatible with all light-bar equipped or ready IBS/Comsoft, Panels Plus, etc. wall panel equipment driven by ITW (IBS) or other compatible design...

Price: $18,890 $16,550

Condition: Good

Location: MN

2006 Klaisler 12 ft x 96 ft Roof Truss Gantry System

2006 Klaisler side-eject roof truss gantry system, 12 foot maximum truss height x 96 foot long working length. Includes (12) 8 foot x 12 foot, plastic top with steel bottom chord tables, each with a skatewheel ejector......

Price: $78,980 $53,000

Condition: Good

Location: CA

2004 Hundegger SC-1 Linear Saw

2004 Hundegger Speed-Cut SC-1 linear saw, roof truss and wall panel cutting, with 15 foot-wide auto-loading infeed conveyor system, auto-discharge and features a 16-nozzle, Ink-Jet marker, printing on the 1 1/2" edge, one or two boards......

Price: $45,990 $38,970

Condition: Fair

Location: NM

2004 TCT Model CT041-1100 Linear Web Saw

Cuts 2x3 through 2x6 lumber to 20 foot long, 20 inch diameter blade, out-feed scrap conveyor 24 inches wide by width of saw. Scrap conveyor can be set up for left-to-right or right-to-left material flow (no incline conveyor included). Features 5 HP, 3 phase saw motor with 24" carbide...

Price: $42,990 $28,990

Condition: Good

Location: OH