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2004 A-Nu-Prospect 48 Foot Rolloff Trailer (46)

2004 A-Nu-Prospect rolloff trailer, 48 foot long, 81,400 GVWR, sliding tandem axles, fifth wheel connection, hydraulic lift......

Price: $9,890

Condition: Fair+

Location: MN

Reconditioned Tee-Lok Truss Production Tables (NC)

Professionally reconditioned Tee-Lok roof truss gantry tables that feature Slotted jigging fixtures with intermediate HDPE plastic over all steel construction. Two widths to select from: (1) 14' x 72" (missing one leg) and (7) 13'-6"......

Price: $4,900 ea. $4,400 ea

Condition: Good

Location: OH

2006 Panels Plus Sub-Component Nailer

Sub-component assembler builds corners, trimmers, leads, jack-studs. Ls, channels, headers, ladders, etc. Maximum clamp opening 17 x 17.5, clamping positions: 14 horizontal and 17 vertical. Utilizes four easily adjusted tools with independent on/off, air-regulators...

Price: $10,875 $9,200

Condition: Good

Location: IA

2004 Iron Steer 32 Foot Gooseneck Rolloff Trailer

2004 Iron Steer gooseneck, rolloff trailer, 32 foot long, fixed-single axle, hydraulic lift, mechanical roller locks, ABS brakes......

Price: $9,490

Condition: Good

Location: MN

2004 Tristar 30 Ft Gooseneck Trailer

2004 Tristar gooseneck roll-off trailer, 30 foot long roller bed, with locking rollers, tandem axle, 20,000 lbs GVWR, good tires and brakes......

Price: $9,980

Condition: Good

Location: CO

2008 Rayfa 32 Ft Gooseneck Roll-off Trailer

2008 Rayfa roll off gooseneck trailer, 32 feet long, with 5th-wheel connection, fixed axle, locking rollers and ABS brakes. Brakes and lights are good......

Price: $6,990

Condition: Fair+

Location: NY

2016 Triad Model DQ S Steel Framing Station

2016 Triad model DQ S, steel framing station, 20 foot long. From the OEM's website: builds steel wall panels from 6'-9" to 12-3" tall......

Price: $38,980

Condition: Good+

Location: MI

Alpine Mighty Mite Beam Press

Pre-1996 Alpine Mighty Mite, 5 ft x 28 ft long, steel-slot with plastic building surface, truss assembly system great for jacks......

Price: $9,800

Condition: As-is, Where-is

Location: OH

2004 MiTek Horizontal Stacker

2004 MiTek Horizontal Stacker, model 70300-50, automatic, four-pedestal flat stacker with controls......

Price: $73,980 $69,980

Condition: Good

Location: VA

1993 ASI/Wabash 36'-50' Stretch Roll-Off Trailer

Model T-22 Stretch trailer features sliding tandem axles, hydraulic lift on neck, locking rollers, load tie-down straps, current 2018 DOT inspection, tires 50% service life, 68,000# GVWR....

Price: $8,990

Condition: Fair+

Location: IN