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Alpine Mighty Mite Beam Press

Pre-1996 Alpine Mighty Mite, 5 ft x 28 ft long, steel-slot with plastic building surface, truss assembly system great for jacks......

Price: $9,800

Condition: As-is, Where-is

Location: OH

2004 MiTek Horizontal Stacker

2004 MiTek Horizontal Stacker, model 70300-50, automatic, four-pedestal flat stacker with controls......

Price: $73,980 $69,980

Condition: Good

Location: VA

1993 ASI/Wabash 36'-50' Stretch Roll-Off Trailer

Model T-22 Stretch trailer features sliding tandem axles, hydraulic lift on neck, locking rollers, load tie-down straps, current 2018 DOT inspection, tires 50% service life, 68,000# GVWR....

Price: $8,990

Condition: Fair+

Location: IN

2000 Triad SSR Smart Stair Router Station

Triad model SSR, "Smart Stair Router" stair stringer router machine that routers stair stringers. OEM specifies that program contains 260 stair profile options. Can load 2 x 10 or 2 x 12 stringers......

Price: $22,990 $8,990

Condition: Good

Location: NY

2002 Triad Sheathing/Router Bridge

Triad model PSRBSAW Sheathing/Routing bridge builds minimum 3' 9" and maximum 12' 3" walls. includes: staple/nail bridge (no tools included) with auto return, Porter-Cable Router, laser sight & joystick control. Bridge only, no table included.120v, 100 PSI air required....

Price: $8,990

Condition: Good

Location: VA

BAM CNC Stair Stringer Router

Remanufactured, Builders Automation Machinery [BAM] model CNC/MFSR stair router. Does contemporary, box and open stairs, and is the only machine available that also cuts the top and bottom landings. Programmable......

Price: $Priced from $55,000

Condition: As New

Location: FL

2002 PCS Twin Axis Sheathing Station

2002 PCS Twin Axis Sheathing Saw, optimizes sheathing material as it cuts X and Y axis simultaneously in one pass......

Price: $28,990

Condition: Good

Location: IL

2006 Panels Plus Sub-Component Nailer

Sub-component assembler builds corners, trimmers, leads, jack-studs. Ls, channels, headers, ladders, etc. Maximum clamp opening 17 x 17.5, clamping positions: 14 horizontal and 17 vertical. Utilizes four easily adjusted tools with independent on/off, air-regulators, TAC switches to detect...

Price: $10,875

Condition: Good

Location: IA

Ruvo 2200 Stair Saw (IN)

Ruvo model 2200 machine capable of box stringers only and cuts two stringers at a time. Wired for 230 volt, 3 phase and 30 amp electrical service....

Price: $5,800

Condition: Good

Location: IN

2004 Alpine AutoMill SC

2004 Alpine AutoMill SC (servo-controlled), 5-blade component saw, model 348 A. The SC is a fully computer controlled component saw that can download from a network or use touch screen input for ease of operation. Five-head automated component saw with 23 axes of ...

Price: $24,750

Location: NC