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2018 Rand Roll Splicer

Rand Roll Splicer - Splices 2 X 4 and 2 X 6 in vertical orientation and forces lumber together prior to plate pressing, tubular construction, adjustable pressing rollers...

Price: $18,875 $16,980

Condition: Good+

Location: TN

IBS Tool Bridge & Router Bridge

IBS multi-tool bridge with (24) tool stations. Bridge features auto-return, button controls and laser guide mount. Fits up to 12' nominal rail centers......

Price: $15,975

Condition: Good -

Location: UT

Basic Automation (IBS/Comsoft) Sheathing Station

Recently remanufactured multi-tool bridge with stitcher tools s/n: 1904. Bridge features side-shift, and laser guide. Squaring table includes floor mounted V-rail, 16'L x 12'H powered squaring sheathing table with end-stops. 120vac, 120psi air....

Price: $24,750

Condition: Good

Location: IN

2007 Klaisler Rolsplicer

2007 Klaisler RolSplicer splices 2 X 4 lumber for floor truss chords. Machine is left to right orientation. System features dual recessed simultaneous activation buttons, guarded motors and sprockets, and 3 HP motor. 230v, 3 phase power....

Price: $11,990

Condition: Good

Location: ME

Trus-Wal Rolsplicer - Ohio

Truswal RolSplicer splices components together for floor trusses. includes (2) 10' conveyor sections. 220v, 3 phase power....

Price: $4,990

Condition: Fair

Location: OH

2004 Triad Sheathing/Routing Bridge

Triad model PSRB Sheathing/Routing bridge builds minimum 3' 9" and maximum 12' 3" walls. includes: staple/nail bridge (no tools included) with auto return, Porter-Cable Router, laser sight & joystick control. Bridge only, no table included. 120v, 100 PSI air required....

Price: $8,490

Condition: Good

Location: VA

BAM CNC Stair Stringer Router

Remanufactured, Builders Automation Machinery [BAM] model CNC/MFSR stair router. Does contemporary, box and open stairs, and is the only machine available that also cuts the top and bottom landings. Programmable......

Price: $Priced from $55,000

Condition: Remanufactured

Location: FL

2002 Spida CXM/CSS Pull Arm Saw w/ Automation

2002 Spida CXM saw, model CXM/CSS. Pull arm saw with computer controls, powered angulation, powered length carriage and self-retracting arm......

Price: $19,975

Condition: Good

Location: TX

1996 Alpine SpeedCut Centerline Saw with SpeedMeasure

1998 SpeedCut Centerline Saw with SpeedMeasure, centerline radial arm saw includes center-point cutting, turntable cutting system, 20 foot SpeedMeasure......

Price: $7,470

Condition: Good

Location: SD

1978 SpeedCut MetraCut Centerline Saw

1978 SpeedCut MetraCut saw, model SSA-4, centerline radial arm saw includes center-point cutting, turntable, spare 15" blade, small parts "bear claw" hold-down device......

Price: $3,890

Condition: Good

Location: IA