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1978 SpeedCut MetraCut Centerline Saw

1978 SpeedCut MetraCut saw, model SSA-4, centerline radial arm saw includes center-point cutting, turntable, spare 15" blade, small parts "bear claw" hold-down device......

Price: $3,890

Condition: Good

Location: IA

1976 SpeedCut Metra Cut Fenceline Saw

Fenceline saw, turntable cutting system, 16" blade, maximum cutting depth of 6", 164 deg. cutting range. 220v single phase power, and original 3 phase motor is included with saw. Also includes parts saw (shown in the final picture)....

Price: $3,990

Condition: Good

Location: OH

1984 Clary Web Saw

1984 Clary Web Cutter model, (4) blade web saw cuts 2x4" and 2x6" lumber from 12" to 12'-0" length. Manual angles and length from 5 to 90 degrees, analog readouts. Cuts 4-angle floor webs from 2'-0" long......

Price: $5,980

Condition: Fair+

Location: NC

2002 PCS Twin Axis Sheathing Station

2002 PCS Twin Axis Sheathing Saw, optimizes sheathing material as it cuts X and Y axis simultaneously in one pass......

Price: $28,990 $21,990

Condition: Good

Location: IL

Ruvo 2200 Stair Saw (IN)

Ruvo model 2200 machine capable of box stringers only and cuts two stringers at a time. Wired for 230 volt, 3 phase and 30 amp electrical service....

Price: $5,800

Condition: Good

Location: IN

Klaisler End-Eject Gantry Equipment

Klaisler end-eject gantry equipment includes (5) 6' x 14' slotted steel top tables, (3) 6' x 14' plastic top tables, and (1) 6' x 14' plywood top table. All tables feature recessed rail design. Also includes (1) finish roller press...

Price: $39,890 $15,970

Condition: Fair

Location: OH

Reconditioned Tee-Lok Truss Production Tables

Professionally reconditioned Tee-Lok roof truss gantry tables that feature Slotted jigging fixtures with intermediate HDPE plastic over all steel construction. Two widths to select from: (1) 14' x 72" (missing one leg) and (7) 13'-6"......

Price: $4,900 ea. $4,400 ea

Condition: Good

Location: OH

1993 Timbermill 6-20 Component Saw

Timbermill model MH6E-20, six blades cut lumber from 2" x 4" through 2" x 12", 4" x 2" lengths from 12 inches to 20 feet......

Price: $15,990

Condition: Fair to Good

Location: MO

1983 Timbermill 6-Blade Component Saw PA

Timbermill model number MH6B-20, six-blade component saw, cuts lumber from 2"x4" through 2"x12", 4"x2" lengths from 12” to 20’ including four-angle floor truss webs from 18"......

Price: $10,900 $7,980

Condition: Good

Location: PA

Eagle & MiTek Clamp 58 Ft System

Eagle 14 foot maximum height x 58 foot maximum span, c-clamp system with strut jigging and additional MiTek c-clamp heads. One Eagle clamp has never been used......

Price: $37,990

Condition: Good

Location: CO