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1994 MiTek Combi-Cut 4-Blade Saw

1994 MiTek Combi-Cut component saw, model 2000 Combi Cut, serial # CO15, four-head saw with powered angulation, Cuts from 1 foot at 90/90 to 20 foot lengths......

Price: $15,990 $8,990

Condition: Fair

Location: MI

1984 Clary Web Saw

1984 Clary Web Cutter model, (4) blade web saw cuts 2x4" and 2x6" lumber from 12" to 12'-0" length. Manual angles and length from 5 to 90 degrees, analog readouts. Cuts 4-angle floor webs from 2'-0" long......

Price: $5,980

Condition: Fair+

Location: NC

Clary Master 4-Blade Component Saw

Clary Master saw, 4 blades, cuts depths from 2 x 4 to 2 x 12, length to 18 feet. Includes dust hoods, analog angle measure......

Price: $7,490

Condition: Fair+

Location: TX

Alpine Lumber Carousel

Alpine model 407A, lumber carousel features (7) lumber bays each with 14 ft. max lumber lumber length (without overhanging the bay). Hydraulic drive......

Price: $9,690

Condition: Good

Location: CA

Idaco 4-Blade Component Saw

Idaco 4-blade component saw, cuts 2x4" to 2x10" depths to 20 foot lengths. Analog scales, power angulation......

Price: $5,890

Condition: Good

Location: OK

Idaco 4-Blade Roof Web Saw

Idaco 4-blade roof web saw, cuts 2x4" to 2x8" depths to 14 foot lengths. Analog scales, manual angulation, push-button controls, mechanical length and angles......

Price: $4,890

Condition: Good

Location: OK

Idaco Compon-a-matic Saws (2 Available)

4 blade Compon-a-matic saw with manual angulation, carriage, and electric brakes. Shortest cut 12", longest cut 20 ft. @ 90/90. Includes belt waste conveyor, no incline. 230V, 3 phase power....

Price: $7,000 each $5,490 each

Condition: Good

Location: NY

2007 Ruvo 930 Door Equipment

2007 Ruvo door line including model 930 door machine, door loader station, 9-tool stop stitcher, infeed conveyor and assembly table. From the manufacturer's literature, "The model 930 Hercules is an interior/exterior pre-hung door ...

Price: $63,449

Condition: Good

Location: QC

1993 SpeedCut MetraCut Centerline Saw (AR)

1993 SpeedCut Metra Cut model SSA-17, centerline pull-arm saw, turntable cutting system, 14" blade, maximum cutting depth of 6", maximum length of 34"......

Price: $5,890

Condition: Good-Fair

Location: AR

16" Comet Pull Arm Saw (FW)

16" Comet "pull" arm saw, 90º only: SN: 6476CLL; Model #: CDL. Saw was fully rebuilt in 2017. Includes spare blades....

Price: $1,890

Condition: Good

Location: MT