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1994 MiTek Combi-Cut 4-Blade Saw

1994 MiTek Combi-Cut component saw, model 2000 Combi Cut, serial # CO15, four-head saw with powered angulation, Cuts from 1 foot at 90/90 to 20 foot lengths......

Price: $15,990 $8,990

Condition: Fair

Location: MI

Clary Master 4-Blade Component Saw

Clary Master saw, 4 blades, cuts depths from 2 x 4 to 2 x 12, length to 18 feet. Includes dust hoods, analog angle measure......

Price: $7,490

Condition: Fair+

Location: TX

Alpine Lumber Carousel

Alpine model 407A, lumber carousel features (7) lumber bays each with 14 ft. max lumber lumber length (without overhanging the bay). Hydraulic drive......

Price: $9,690

Condition: Good

Location: CA

Idaco Compon-a-matic Saws (2 Available)

4 blade Compon-a-matic saw with manual angulation, carriage, and electric brakes. Shortest cut 12", longest cut 20 ft. @ 90/90. Includes belt waste conveyor, no incline. 230V, 3 phase power....

Price: $7,000 each $5,490 each

Condition: Good

Location: NY

1999 Speed Cut Metra Cut SSA-17 C/L

1999 Speed Cut Metra Cut model SSA-17 centerline radial arm includes center-point cutting and turntable cutting system, no infeed or out-feed conveyor. 220V 3-ph....

Price: $3,990

Condition: Good

Location: IN

16" Comet Pull Arm Saw (FW)

16" Comet "pull" arm saw, 90º only: SN: 6476CLL; Model #: CDL. Saw was fully rebuilt in 2017. Includes spare blades....

Price: $1,890

Condition: Good

Location: MT

SpeedCut Speed Rafter Cutter Saw

SpeedCut model SRC, Speed Rafter Cutter - One person rafter cutter can make single or double compound cuts and simple cuts on either end of the rafter......

Price: $2,990

Condition: Good-Fair

Location: WA

Hundegger SC2 Infeed & Outfeed Extensions

Hundegger infeed and outfeed extensions designed to fit a SC2 linear saw. Outfeed is 29'-7" overall length x 22" wide material base, includes a 3-arm, 9'-6" wide infeed deck......

Price: $18,890

Condition: Fair+

Location: TX

Hundegger SC1 Outfeed Extension

Price: $9,890

Condition: Fair+

Location: TX

Grizzly 5HP Dust Collection System and Air-Vac System (FW)

Grizzly 5HP dust collection system with 55 gallon dust collection drum. Separates heavy particles from fine dust using cyclonic action and sends them to 55 gallon drum. Any remaining dust travels past the 16" diameter impeller and is then...

Price: $9,990

Condition: Good

Location: MT