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2006 Koskovich Omni Miser RTWF

Roof truss AND wall frame processes square and angle cuts with print system C (one face, one edge), Servo controlled angulation axis of movement, Auto Deck for 6' to 16' feed of 2x3 through 2x12 material, Includes automated lumber advance (LASM), powered exit roller...

Price: $39,990

Condition: Good

Location: IN

Reconditioned Clary Master 5-Blade Saw

Reconditioned Clary Master 5-blade component saw with vibrating scrap conveyor. Cuts lumber depths from 2x4" through 2x12" depths. Blades angulate individually......

Price: $59,780 $39,490

Condition: Good+

Location: TX

Tee-Lok 92' Roof Truss Gantry System

Tee-Lok 92', side-eject gantry system with (12) 6' x 14' slotted steel-top tables with skate-wheel lift-outs, and 24"aisles. (1) 14' x 18" dia Tee-Lok gantry head with pendant control, Includes Klaisler TR 214-18 14' x 18" finish roller press....

Price: $74,990

Condition: Good

Location: OH

1985 SpeedCut MetraCut Centerline Saw

1985 SpeedCut MetraCut saw, model SSA-17, centerline radial arm saw includes center-point cutting, turntable, 15" blade, 10' speed measure in-feed and 20 foot in/out-feed conveyor. ...

Price: $3,990

Condition: Fair to Good

Location: OH

1986 Idaco 4 Blade Component Saw

4 blade component saw model 53500 with (2) 16" blades and (2) 24" blades, powered angulation; and carriage, with belt scrap conveyor, and electric brakes. This was used for daily production cutting until 11/19....

Price: $5,450

Condition: Good

Location: OH

1996 Alpine Timbermill 620Pro SSD

1996 Timbermill 620Pro, model MH 6Pro-SSD-20, single-sided setup controls, six blades cut lumber from 2x4 through 2x12, from 12” to 20’, including 4x2 four-angle floor truss webs from 18"......

Price: $23,990

Condition: Good

Location: TN