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Hundegger SC1 Outfeed Extension

Price: $9,890

Condition: Fair+

Location: TX

Grizzly 5HP Dust Collection System and Air-Vac System (FW)

Grizzly 5HP dust collection system with 55 gallon dust collection drum. Separates heavy particles from fine dust using cyclonic action and sends them to 55 gallon drum. Any remaining dust travels past the 16" diameter impeller and is then...

Price: $9,990

Condition: Good

Location: MT

1983 Timbermill 6-Blade Component Saw (1)

Timbermill model number MH6B-20, six blade component saw, (1) 30", (2) 21" and (3) 14" blades, cuts lumber from 2x4 through 2x12, 4x2 lengths from 12” to 20’ including four-angle floor truss webs from 18"...

Price: $14,990 $8,900

Condition: Good

Location: VA

2007 Koskovich Omni Miser II Linear Saw

2007 Koskovich model Omni Miser II, servo-controlled angulation axis of movement (BEVEL, square & angle cut) for roof truss components (RTB). OEM performed maintenance in both 2014 and 2017......

Price: $88,980

Condition: Good

Location: PA

1987 SpeedCut Centerline Pull Arm Saw

1987 SpeedCut Metra Cut, model SSA-17,centerline saw, 16" blade, maximum cutting depth of 6", maximum cut length of 34", 164 deg. cutting range and 5 HP motor....

Price: $5,870

Condition: Good

Location: OH

2016 Triad Model DQ S Steel Framing Station

2016 Triad model DQ S, steel framing station, 20 foot long. From the OEM's website: builds steel wall panels from 6'-9" to 12-3" tall......

Price: $38,980

Condition: Good+

Location: MI