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RENEW Plastics

Perma Poly-Board: The industry's longest lasting nailable production surface.

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Safety Speed Manufacturing

With more than 40,000 units built to date, Safety Speed Manufacturing sets the standard and ensures the best possible solution for one-person cutting of sheathing be it plywood, OSB, Zip Wall, or soft insulated material.  Whether you're just starting in panels and need a budget conscious solution such as the H-Series or an industrial workhorse such as the Model 7400XL, Wood Truss Systems has the knowhow and experience to match your needs with the most proven and accurate systems on the market at competitively low pricing.

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4Ward Consulting Group

Ben Hershey is a dynamic executive leader with more than 25 years of experience in structural wood/metal manufacturing, green products, and automotive aftermarket distribution. His experience has been with both public and private companies, with regional and national presence.

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Northfield Machinery Builders, Inc.

Northfield under table/up-cut saws. These saws are semi-automatic, air-actuated, under-table cutoff saws for 90 degree cutting of wall panel components. The blade remains in the heavy sheet steel base until the guard has the raw material clamped.

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