List Your Used Equipment

List Used Equipment

Thanks for your interest in listing your component equipment for sale with Wood Truss Systems, Inc. as an independent sales broker. Our best effort to sell your equipment includes periodic first class mailings, classified advertising, contacting select industry prospects, and an individual listing with photos on our website, Through these means we offer your equipment to potential buyers throughout North America and the world.

How do I list my used equipment?

Selling your equipment through WTS, Inc. is a simple no-obligation process. You set the price you would like to net, and together we establish a list price. The difference is our commission which includes the cost of marketing, securing payment, arranging and occasionally paying for freight, finders-fees, and various other details associated with the sale.  We work on a percentage commission basis, the percentage is established based on the price range of the equipment, so it's in both of our company's interest to sell it for a higher price. In all instances we will bring you any offer, even if it is below list price. The final decision to accept or reject an offer is always yours.

What do I need to provide?

You will need to supply us with a complete description of the equipment including manufacturer, age/date, model, and serial number. We need you to assess condition in a category consisting of: As New, Good, or Fair (we typically will not list equipment in poor or non-working condition). Additionally, we need to know if spare parts, accessories, or manuals are included in the listing. A worksheet is provided to help organize this information.

It is very important that you provide us with current digital images of the equipment in a clean, well-lit setting. Be sure to take photos from several angles utilizing the flash, and even close-ups of important details such as manufacturer's I.D. tags.

To avoid problems on down the road, and we assume you'll do this anyway, please make sure that all information, statements, descriptions, photographs, etc., are truthful and accurate in all respects and not misleading.

Should we find a buyer on acceptable terms to you, you'll be asked to sign a Purchase Order Seller Acknowledgement.

What about prospective buyers?

Leave the negotiations and haggling to us. Our experience and understanding of market conditions enables us to broker a fair deal for both the seller and buyer. In addition we sort out the lookers from the buyers so that only qualified prospects are put in direct contact with the seller. In most instances we encourage the prospective buyer to talk to the seller about specific function or condition of the equipment in an effort to conduct the sale with all the facts “on the table”. In some instances the buyer will want to see the equipment in person, which we will arrange for accordingly. However in the final analysis, it is best that the buyer makes their offers through us.

How is a sale concluded?

Once a sale has been successfully negotiated we arrange for freight, schedule a time for loading, and require full payment before the equipment leaves your location. You are responsible to disassemble as necessary and to assist in the loading of the equipment. We notify buyers that equipment is sold “as is, where is”, subject of course to any warranties or representations made by you as the seller.

Selling your used equipment through the professionals at Wood Truss Systems, Inc. is simple, secure, and profitable!

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