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Terminailer® is an event-driven, sub-component assembler that will quickly and accurately drive 30% to 70% of the framing nails in any wall panel job.

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Monet DeSauw

Monet DeSauw is an independent manufacturing company that provides the structural component industry with fast, high-quality saws and material handling equipment. The computerized saw models are the only ones in the industry that have the option to run in "manual" mode.

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Panels Plus

Panels Plus is the undisputed leader for wall panel production equipment that can provide you with the ability to build wall panels faster and more efficiently than typical field production. You can purchase with great confidence, their wall panel assembly equipment for production of wood or steel wall panels, floor-panels, and related framing sub-components. How much confidence? Proven CAD design and customer-driven improvements highlight this industrial-grade wall panel machinery. As a top-tier supplier for John Deere, and GE Medical, Lou-Rich Mfg. (parent company of Panels Plus) builds every piece of this equipment with the fit and finish you would expect from a ISO 9000 / UL registered manufacturer. 

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For over twenty years, laser technology has saved time and improved quality in producing roof truss, wall panel, and floor panel elements. SL-Laser combines technical ingenuity and years of wood component experience to deliver a solution that provides easily measurable savings.  Setup times are dramatically reduced, production processes are simplified, and quality is improved.  Easy to install and virtually maintenance-free, SL-Lasers provide low operating costs and have a fast return on investment when compared to the other laser projection providers.

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Associated Machinery Manufacturing

Some call them material carts, and some call them industrial trucks. Our customers call them terrific, and find that these quickly become their go-to source for durable carts. Engineered and built in the USA this is a homegrown success story that is ready to serve your facility. 

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Hundegger USA

Hundegger is the world's leading manufacturer of wood cutting and processing equipment, with machines built for durable performance that exceeds the expectations of the North American structural component market.  With over 4,700 machines in use worldwide, they are second to none in wood processing.  Whether you are cutting dimensional lumber for wood components, I-Joist, or other engineered wood products (EWP), Hundegger provides proven innovation aimed specifically at reducing your cutting costs and maximizing your lumber throughput.

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Spida Cutting & Wall Panel Machinery

Spida provides wood component industry specific assembly equipment, pull-arm saws and automated up-cut saws.  Their products include:

  • Spida Extruder, wall assembly systems.
  • Spida pull arm saws - with automation options.
  • Spida up-cut saws - with automation options.
  • Truss assembly equipment through Spida USA.

The Spida Apollo saw with Automation is a computerized, pull-arm type saw used for cutting either wood truss components or wall panel cutting.  The Spida Apollo is a multi-purpose way to add a computerized saw to your operation.  Regardless of the size of your company, you will always have a use for this saw.


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Spida USA Truss Machinery

Spida USA manufactures wood component assembly equipment and, they are also the North American distributor of renowned industry supplier Spida Machinery, a division of Multinail Pty Ltd Australia. With sales and support offices in California and Indiana Spida easily covers N. American time zones. Spida USA fabricates roof truss, floor truss, and floor section (panel, cassette) equipment in their centrally-located  Shelbyville, Indiana USA production facility.


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Builders Automation Machinery (BAM)

Builders Automation Machinery Company (BAM) builds and installs the finest and most versatile automated equipment available for producing pre-hung doors and prefabricated stairs...

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The Hain Company

As machine maintenance and development specialist for a large California component manufacturer, Leonard Hain became determined to create equipment that was "bullet-proof" in a high volume shop. Leonard's passion is to build and race vintage dragsters "rails" on the west coast. When passion meets need, the end result is detail-oriented machinery that is simple, efficient, and durable with no excuses; simply "done right".

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