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Some call them material carts, and some call them industrial trucks. Our customers call them terrific, and find that these quickly become their go-to carts. Given that all units are made from hardwood and cast parts, they easily have a 30-year lifespan, and are virtually indestructible. Our customers have found these carts to be the best available and an amazing value for the long haul. Whether you’re organizing smaller bits or staging longer loads of lumber, AMM’s range of carts with varying dimensions will accommodate your needs. This variety also provides the opportunity to maximize floor space, especially when it comes to material flow. 

These industrial material carts feature hardwood construction, fitted with space-age phenolic, roller-bearing wheels, and ball bearing swivel casters for strength and durability.  AMM's phenolic wheels resist shock without chipping. They are non-sparking, non-marking, and can be operated continuously between -50℉ and 260℉. They are unaffected by grease, oil or debris on your shop floor.


AMM's swivel casters are precision-built with perfectly aligned raceways. All cold-form parts are made to exacting tolerances from heavy-gauge steel, and are hardened for severe service and long wear. Series B-4 carts include four casters, one at each corner to prevent “tri-cycling” of long lumber loads.


  • Multiple sizes to choose from.
  • Different wheel configurations available.
  • Made of hardwood construction.
  • Fitted with space-age, roller-bearing wheels.
  • Ball bearing swivel casters precision-built with perfectly aligned raceways.
  • Cold-form parts made to exacting tolerances with heavy-gauge steel for strength and durability.
  • Series B-4 carts include 4 casters (one at each corner) to prevent tri-cycling for long lumber loads.



AMM Industrial Floor Carts

AMI's industrial floor trucks (material carts) are designed of hardwood construction, fitted with space-age phenolic, roller-bearing wheels, and ball bearing swivel......

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