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Spida Apollo Saw with Automation


The Spida Apollo saw with Automation is a computerized, pull-arm type saw used for cutting either wood truss components or wall panel cutting.  The Spida Apollo is a multi-purpose way to add a computerized saw to your operation.  Regardless of the size of your company, you will always have a use for this saw.  The Spida Apollo features and benefits include:

  • Angle cutting from 10 to 170 degrees for convenient low-pitch roof slope cutting.
  • 36 inch scarf cut allows long cuts without having to re-position the member on the table.
  • Patented variable stroke limiter for safety.
  • Solid frame and arm design minimize stress on the saw.
  • 17 inch industrial touchscreen with enclosure for easy-to-see data and convenient use.
  • 7.5 HP motor, plenty strong for dense lumber material.
  • Plug and play wiring making installations easier.
  • Cowls for dust extraction system to minimize clutter near the saw.

Available options include:

  • Software is available for both trusses and wall panel cutting as your operation requires.
  • Laser guide showing exactly the path of the blade before the blade moves.
  • Safe Grip ™ Clamp for cutting smaller pieces without the lumber shifting, improving safety.
  • Clamping table holds the lumber safely to the infeed fence.
  • Plate Marker proving automatic set up for marking the wall panel piece locations.
  • Chop Saw Table for adding another saw for miter/compound or end cuts, prior to feeding the Spida Apollo saw.
  • Portable dust extractor works in conjunction with the cowls to minimize dust in the saw area.
  • Spare blades.

Spida Automated Vector Saw

The Spida Vector saw is a smaller version of the Automated Apollo saw with its 5.5 HP motor, 24 inch maximum scarf cut and adjustable stroke limiter, providing angle cutting from 9 to 171 degrees.  It is ideal for wall panel processing, and 2x4 trusses, It can be outfitted with any of the options shown above.

Spida Machinery

Either saw is available in 240 v, 20A or 460 v, 15A saw electrical.  110 v, 1 phase, 20A computer electrical required for the computer.

Spida saws and measuring devices are assembled in Indiana, USA by Square1 Design & Manufacture.  Spida has customers across the continents of North America, Asia, Australia/Oceania and Europe.  Spida Machinery has been designing and building high-tech machinery for the wall panel and wood component industries since 1978.


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The Spida Apollo saw with Automation is a computerized, pull-arm type saw used for cutting either wood truss components or wall panel cutting and represents the lowest-cost way to add a computerized saw to your operation....

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