Spida USA Truss Machinery

We're big on teamwork. And yes, that includes both "team," and "work."

Spida USA manufactures structural component assembly equipment and, they are also the North American provider of Spida equipment, a division of Multi-Nail Australia, with offices in California and Indiana. Spida provides wood component industry specific assembly equipment, pull-arm saws and automated up-cut saws.  Their products and services include:

  • SQ Series roof and floor truss gantries and finish presses.
  • Spida Extruder, wall assembly systems.
  • Spida pull arm saws - with automation options.
  • Spida up-cut saws - with automation options.
  • Rolsplicer lumber splicer.
  • Lumber infeed decks.
  • Idler and powered roller conveyors: stand-alone rollers and roller beds.
  • Weg-It Series jigging hardware.
  • Equipment installation, relocation, and removal.
  • Replacement parts, factory-original Klaisler, Square 1 parts and Spida.

Spida USA's history has roots that go back to 1950 when Elmer Hubbard started Klaisler Manufacturing in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Spida USA has modernized its' product line and manufacturing techniques to meet the needs of the always changing structural component industry.

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New Spida Floor Truss Finish Press

New Spida floor truss finish roller press, four-foot wide (other widths available) x 3 1/2 tall throat. Use of this process speeds assembly and transports finished truss away from the production area, adds quality and peace of mind for your finished floor trusses......

Price: $21,262.50

New Spida Rolsplicer

Spida Rolsplicer, splices 2"x3", 2"x4" and 2"x6" lumber with a 3 to 4 second cycle time. Presses the lumber together in compression prior to imbedding plates. ...

Price: $19,699

New Spida Roof Truss Finish Press

New Spida roof truss finish roller press, 24" diameter rolls, throat widths from 14 feet to 16 feet wide, 119 feet per minute speed, heavy-duty design......

Price: $45,892 Base

New Spida Short Roof Truss Finish Press

New Spida short finish roller press (FRP), six-foot wide (other widths available) x 1 1/2 tall throat. The unique uni-body construction creates a ridged machine that houses 20 diameter rolls, 10 HP motor......

Price: $27,523

New Spida Table Guided Roof Truss Gantry

New table-guided (NO rail) gantry system by Spida, side-eject or end-eject options, with continuous production tables built to length. Available in steel, plastic or combination table top options. Can be fabricated to received automated jigging......

Price: $Based on configuration

New Spida Trackless Floor Gantry

New table-guided (NO rail) floor truss machine by Spida USA. This well-designed machine builds floor trusses up to a standard 26 inch depth (32 inch optional). Working length of 40 feet......

Price: $118,500 Base

New Spida Vertical Truss Stackers

New vertical stackers by Spida, for either roof or floor trusses, up to nine pedestals to handle 12 up to 120 long spans......

Price: $22,433 Base

New Spida Wall Extruder Panel Assembly System

The concept of the Spida Extruder is to bring materials to a central location as the product is extended or extruded to create the framed wall panel......

Price: $Based on configuration