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A firm, familiar grasp of machinery and component assembly, grown from over 40 years in the business. (Our family involvement in construction dates all the way back to 1934)

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Casey Collum

Meet Casey Collum

Casey Collum knows a vendor relationship going on 20 years is rare. It started in 1999 when he and his father opened Empire Truss. “I started working with Wood Truss Systems because of Jim [Mavrakes]. He was one of the first people who stopped by. So I like to say wherever he goes is where I go,” he laughs. As a recent college grad and newcomer to the component business, Casey trusted Jim’s advice because of his longevity in the industry and the way he understood their needs as a start-up. In those first years when setups were experimental and purchases had to be carefully budgeted, Casey trusted Jim’s thorough research and instinct. “He would come in, look at what I had, evaluate the potential return, and present lots of options. Then I’d always ask his opinion, and he’d give it to me straight. I never felt like he was trying to sell me,” Casey says.

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Dean DeHoog

Meet Dean DeHoog

As general manager, Dean wears many hats - including sourcing new equipment for Zeeland’s two component manufacturing shops. And he counts on a few trusted vendors like Wood Truss Systems to go the distance.

Nick Linsmayer

Meet Nick Linsmayer

A family-owned company known for innovation spanning 125 years and four generations, Villaume is proof that innovation is born from an essential combination of leading edge tools and the people behind them. Both are qualities President Nick Linsmayer values in Wood Truss Systems.

List your Equipment

List your Equipment

Thanks for your interest in listing your component equipment for sale with Wood Truss Systems, Inc., as an independent sales broker. Our best effort to sell your equipment includes periodic 1st class mailings, classified advertising, contacting select industry prospects, and an individual listing with photos on our web site